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Affiliate marketing is a revenue sharing between the merchant and an affiliate.
The affiliate mission is to bring potential customers to buy the merchant product,  The more there will be more buying like that the affiliate will earn more money.
Most of the merchant had a website that explains about the product and page for purchase of course.
In order that the merchant will know that you brought a customer you have unique link.
All that is remaining you is to bring potential customers through advertisement.

There are several ways to make money online with affiliate marketing:

PPC (Pay Per Click) — When the customer leaves the affiliate website by “clicking” on the a link (advertisement) the affiliate got money on his account.

PPS (Pay Per Sale) — When the client buy product from the merchant website the affiliate gets a commission.

PPL (Pay Per Lead) — When the potential client filling a form of registration. In the standard form, the affiliate got an amount.

For many merchants, this is the best way to get many customers without working hard.

I recommend to read many guides, articles, blogs, books and during learning to start practice.

I wrote in one of my previous posts that I mean to earn 70% from my earnings from affiliate marketing.

This is the market that I work with him relatively a little time, I am defined as start and believe in him very much.

All week this I mean to concentrate only in the Affiliate marketing.