Now I will present in front of you my business plan as regards to this year.

1. Building websites for customers:
I am a programmer, I know, c#, HTML, css & design.

2. Search Engine Optimization for customers.

3. Building websites for only SEO & advertisement.
From these websites, my only profit, it’s from the advertisement.

4. Buying expiration domains & selling them to the highest bidder:
I buy only domains with good PR (The Google page rank)  and inbound links. (there are many domains that their owners forget to renew them).

5. Internet Marketing

Below a graph that describes the division for all fields according to percent,
Take note that I build greatly on Internet Marketing.

graph about my business plan

Don’t forget that told that I am a soldier in the Israeli army, and I have numbered of hours of work are limited on a day,
Nevertheless, I know that I will make $30k profit for a month.

Good Luck!   :]

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