Ok laziness, W’ere all lazy in different forms.

In order to overcome a rise i will do these things:

1. I will define my hours of viewing in the TV.

2. Define me in Google Calendar of reminders on the tasks that I am supposed to do.  (Google Calendar send me a SMS reminder to do the task)

3. When I start to work, I will close the door, cellular phone, messenger, Facebook And things attract.

4. To determine targets to the week and per month, I go to place my targets of realism that I will be able to do them and not to place hard targets that will cause me to be desperate. (no targets of easy and not hard only targets of mediocrity).

5. I will update the blog number of times in the week in order to return self to the targets that my placing.

6. I will reward myself by telling myself that if I just do this work, I get to be lazy. This will motivate me, because I love being lazy. In fact, if I can finish the next item in six minutes, I get to watch TV or something else .

Good Article ant tips about laziness http://www.wikihow.com/Overcome-Laziness

I will not tell I don’t have power wouldn’t want from tomorrow,  must start to work serious, Everything that registered in the tasks, I must do him and of course also to be precise in the times.

I’m sorry that I did not write a post this week, this also as a result from laziness.

Have a nice week without laziness :]

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