I feel that worked today very much, but I did not manage everything that I planned to do =\

Today I concentrated in the two main things:

1. Affiliates, build new campaigns, read a book.

2. Build a new website. (my income from the website is from advertisement, Google Adsense, I will write a post in this subject).

Tomorrow I plan only to learn and reads articles, books in affiliate marketing.
I feel that the writing in the blog gives me a great deal of power to continue to my mission to make $30,000 profit a month before the end of the year.

4 Responses to “Full Power”

  • Long time no seen your web site, it looks so great right now congrats!

    Good luck on your mission to make 30K$ a month, how much do you currently make? (estimates – not accurate numbers)


    Moti Levy Reply:

    Hi Freedomgosu,

    Thanks for congratulations.
    Currently, I make about 1.5k $ a month, It’s a little far from the 30k$.


  • Hi Moti,
    This is the first time I see your blog, very nice!
    I think $1.5k a month is very good. $30k a month is pretty high but I wish you all the success!
    What are your main streams of income?


    Moti Levy Reply:

    Hi, The New Rich,

    Thanks for your congratulations.
    My main streams of income are:
    1. Building sites for Google Adsense and selling products, These sites I promote only with SEO.
    2. Promote CPA products with PPC and SEO.


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