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Hello everybody,

Before about five months advertised my last post, I’m sorry that not the continuation to write here.
Not I had time to update the blog, due to the army, due to Affiliate and in addition to update my blog in Hebrew every week.

To write a blog is hard work, I have thought if to close this blog or to continue him.
Finally, I decided to continue and to update him every week.
Bye for now.

I feel that worked today very much, but I did not manage everything that I planned to do =\

Today I concentrated in the two main things:

1. Affiliates, build new campaigns, read a book.

2. Build a new website. (my income from the website is from advertisement, Google Adsense, I will write a post in this subject).

Tomorrow I plan only to learn and reads articles, books in affiliate marketing.
I feel that the writing in the blog gives me a great deal of power to continue to my mission to make $30,000 profit a month before the end of the year.

I feel that I am situated in the same place much time without any significant progress.

My problem that I do not concentrate in the one thing I dissipate too many and this is bad.
I need to be more concentrated.

I took a complete week of vacation from the army. In order to finish all the lag that I am situated in him.

I adopted to myself several tips in order not to go out from concentration while work:

1. To close the cellular phone.
2. To close the door.
3. Intermission of 10 minutes every hour.
4. To plan inside calendar the timetables of the tasks on the same day for any hour and minute.

I promise from today to write a post on every day.

Hello All,

Reading books increase my knowledge, Improves my English.

This month I read the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”  by the author Robert Kiyosaki.
This is a very good book, the book gives you a power way to be a entrepreneur and not employee.
There are very important points in the book that it’s worth knowing if you want to be a rich.

I plan to read every month at least one book.
Every month I will review the book that I read.

I take a week and half vacation in order to learn and to work and travel and enjoy.

Have a nice day 🙂

Ok laziness, W’ere all lazy in different forms.

In order to overcome a rise i will do these things:

1. I will define my hours of viewing in the TV.

2. Define me in Google Calendar of reminders on the tasks that I am supposed to do.  (Google Calendar send me a SMS reminder to do the task)

3. When I start to work, I will close the door, cellular phone, messenger, Facebook And things attract.

4. To determine targets to the week and per month, I go to place my targets of realism that I will be able to do them and not to place hard targets that will cause me to be desperate. (no targets of easy and not hard only targets of mediocrity).

5. I will update the blog number of times in the week in order to return self to the targets that my placing.

6. I will reward myself by telling myself that if I just do this work, I get to be lazy. This will motivate me, because I love being lazy. In fact, if I can finish the next item in six minutes, I get to watch TV or something else .

Good Article ant tips about laziness

I will not tell I don’t have power wouldn’t want from tomorrow,  must start to work serious, Everything that registered in the tasks, I must do him and of course also to be precise in the times.

I’m sorry that I did not write a post this week, this also as a result from laziness.

Have a nice week without laziness :]

Now I will present in front of you my business plan as regards to this year.

1. Building websites for customers:
I am a programmer, I know, c#, HTML, css & design.

2. Search Engine Optimization for customers.

3. Building websites for only SEO & advertisement.
From these websites, my only profit, it’s from the advertisement.

4. Buying expiration domains & selling them to the highest bidder:
I buy only domains with good PR (The Google page rank)  and inbound links. (there are many domains that their owners forget to renew them).

5. Internet Marketing

Below a graph that describes the division for all fields according to percent,
Take note that I build greatly on Internet Marketing.

graph about my business plan

Don’t forget that told that I am a soldier in the Israeli army, and I have numbered of hours of work are limited on a day,
Nevertheless, I know that I will make $30k profit for a month.

Good Luck!   :]

Hello All,
After a little work of the blog opened today.
The blog will contain how to make money online from home with Several possibilities.

For Example:

1. Affiliate Marketing.
2. A building of destined sites to the advertisements.

I want to apologize in advance on spelling mistakes.

Good Luck

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